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The continuation, or body of the eulogy should follow the opening of your rough draft or outline as closely as possible.  Remember, however, that you want your writing to have a conversational feel to it.  When you are done talking about one subject, move on to the next topic in your outline.  The more detailed your outline, the faster your writing will occur.  When you run out of thoughts within a topic, just move to the next topic.  You will be able to edit these later.     

You want the ending to be a few sentences that ties what you have said together.  You want your listeners to have a feeling that everything has been closed and tied neatly together.  You can restate an important point or theme found throughout your eulogy, or you can summarize how your loved one touched your life. 

Asking a question is also a great way of ending the eulogy.  JUST REMEMBER TO ALSO GIVE THE ANSWER.

The length of your eulogy is up to you.  Take the time needed to say everything that you want to convey, but remember that keeping the attention of the audience is important.  You do not want to ramble on too long.  A great length is 3 to 5 minutes.  This is anywhere from 1 to 3 pages, single-spaced.  Also keep in mind how quickly your delivery will be, because this will very the lengths of both.  This is why practicing is very crucial. 

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