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Write The Eulogy Speech Rough Draft

WRITE A DRAFT and remember that your first draft will not be perfect.  You are experiencing difficult emotions.  If you are having troubles writing, don’t panic or give up.  Take a moment to gather yourself.  Review your outline.  It is also important to remember that editing is a large part of the writing process, and you will improve your draft as you work with it.  

Start off slowly, without knowing exactly what you are going to say.  Stick to your outline and let your ideas flow onto the paper.  Look at this as a warm-up.  You need to stretch before you run.  Try writing a letter to your loved one to get more ideas out (In fact, a letter format can be your entire eulogy).  Write as quickly as possible.  You will have time to go back and check for grammatical errors, or to change words around.  

BEGINNING THE EULOGY along with ending the eulogy can be the most difficult parts of the writing process.  Finding the perfect words to capture the attention of those in attendance is overwhelming. 

Do you want to say something humorous?  Touching?  Shocking? 

This is for you to decide.  Any of these beginnings are acceptable.  If you can’t think of the right way to start the eulogy, skip over it and keep writing.  You can always go back to it.  You want, however, to draw in the audience.  It should be powerful. 

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