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Ideas For Writing A Eulogy Speech

FIND INSPIRATIONS FOR IDEAS and write down your thoughts and feelings.  If you are having trouble deciding what to even mention in your eulogy, find inspiration from outside yourself.  There are many different ways to do this.  You can flip through old photo albums, or watch old home videos. 

Look at scrapbooks, or any other items that can help conjure up old memories, stories, or feelings about your loved one.  Ask friends and family members for their stories and fond memories. 

Remember that the burden of the eulogy is not yours completely. 

It is perfectly fine to say, “I was chatting with Aunt Barb, and she was telling me about the time Kevin, one summer, shaved his head with his youngest son.  That just reminded me of how spontaneous and silly he was around his children.” 

Sometimes someone had many negative qualities.  It is fine to touch upon these things.  However, say them in a courteous tone, and remember that there is an audience there as well.  You are the best judge of what can be said. 

Remember to just be honest, and everyone will appreciate the eulogy.

Help Writing A Eulogy Speech

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